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HOLY MOLY .. Merchandise price drop!


The impossible has happened… shirts are invading the catalog!


TinyClr in extra large… just seems wrong…


Looks great!



Awesome. I’ll be picking one up soon, My other TinyCLR shirt is lonely. Just wore it yesterday, what a coincidence.


Great stuff :slight_smile:

To get some in Europe, possible ?

Guess I have to make it come from US ?

Any idea about the price to get it ? (price in € will be “welcomed”)



BOOM! Comic style shirt = cool ;D
The one Chris owns, will that one be sold too? ;D


Straight conversion from USD to EUR is 14, but the price in Europe will vary from distributor to distributor (different margins, different VAT’s, different import duties)


Since you do not import some sort of electronics you will probably be able to get it with usps and pay no VAT. :wink:

This is not a guarantee, your own responsibility :slight_smile:


Our shirt stock arrived and prices have been made freakin’ affordable! We now also have red shirts!


And where are the datasheets? :smiley:


Is the design open source?


If there was any doubt these are chic magnets, I’m here to disspell them… the first time I put mine on, I got that sly ‘what are you doing later’ wink from my wife! I think it’s the hunky monkey in a spacesuit thing. Later, I lost track of time working on a FEZ project and missed my opportunity… haha!




:smiley: You guys are very funny.