Holiday gifts

Hey, three in a row. :wink:
Happy holiday season from Germany.

Have a very merry Christmas and tinkering new year! From South Africa.

Happy holidays from Argentina !

Merry Christmas from Poland :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas and happy new year from Slovenia.

Merry Christmas from the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA!

Some more holiday cheer from what is traditionally a cold and snowy Vermont, USA. This year we’re trying to keep the kids happy by making mud angels and sod forts in the yard ::slight_smile:

Merry Christmas from The South, ya’ll!

@ ransom, I was expecting a photo after a statement like that. I had to look close but I eventually found it. I’ll zoom it up for everyone else to see :wink:


That’s my Pa in the front, with me belly floppin’ into the “in-ground pool”…

One of the more humorous results of global warming…

GHI’s Gift

Nice one!

Oooooh! Is that a tanning bed? :wink:

Now that is a Christmas Present, with a capital P.

no no, this is the gift! My spaceship!

Look at the nice electronic work.

Lifting this monster is a lot of fun!

Well, we can all rest assured there will be plenty of support over the holidays next week. Obviously, everyone will be at work “playing”. :smiley:


When you have a few extra minutes, I would be interested in knowing what is in your production line. What each piece of equipment does etc.

You are kidding right :wall:

One more gift that came in today!

A 7" color scope for $350!!! I am loving china now.