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Holiday contest and gifts


GHI used to host a lot of contests but we have been too busy to run any recently, but we won’t miss this holiday for sure :dance:

First of all, we have some holiday gift that you will all love. You have seen me talk about FEZ “next” but so far no info on this board. We have been really working on this tirelessly for months and we have working prototypes now. It is something magical I must say, with even multiple FEZes (no it has one CPU) :wall: It even has a logo on it that would draw a huge smile on your face :whistle: More on this very soon. Things do not end here. We want to give away some of our top board, ChipworkX-DevSys. We are discussing ideas of who would get them and how. We are open for suggestions.

As for contest, we are thinking LEDs, a lot of LEDs! We want you to be able to use your FEZ Panda, FEZ Domino or even FEZ Spider. Perhaps offer some LED kits for the contest. The contest should be fair to those software guys with no soldering iron (use eblocks and modules)
We are open for suggestions as well.

So, what do you like to see?


LED contest sounds great!
Far too long ago that we had a contest!

One note: it should not be done with eblocks only.
Far too much cables and it can be more easily done with leds and cable.
Of course eblocks could be used, but if someone wants to use no (or less) eblocks it should not be a minus for his/her score.

Contest contest contest :dance:


I know this guy named Charles E. Plex who can really make a bunch of LEDs blink 8) Maybe some kind of ‘Coolest Sign Ever’ contest? With a couple categories like NETMF only, RLP, and ‘additional ICs allowed’?


A sign?
You should make it a LED contest. So anything with led. Display, sign, daisy chained led strip, what ever.


Can’t wait!

OSHW logo?



If you are going to participate in the contest, I am not even going to try. I do remember your super duper (what ever you call it) entry last year.

I made a silly pumpkin and ended up at the bottom of the list.


Good times !


And a minimalist category… What can you do with the onboard LED on a Fez?


@ Robert - An LED sign, ticker, or other display…


High refresh rate POV display with RLP and RC brushless motor.


A contest! YAY!!!

However, I worry we have way too many left brained people here to get many good entries to an artsy category such as LEDs (myself definitely included). But, it’ll be fun anyway. Let’s get some rules up soon. The holidays are almost upon us!


Any updates? :slight_smile:


We want contest! :dance: :dance:


We do as well :slight_smile:


I like the idea for a LED contest. I am planning a multi-house synchronized holiday lighting project. This would have a couple of FEZ boards as that is my primary streaming mechanism when doing advanced PC based scenes. I may do stand alone synchronized patterns and control options with no PC needed but then allow a PC to be connected for advanced light shows. This would make it more of a micro project than just using the boards for a streaming component.

If there was a Halloween contest, then the LED suit I created would most likely have a FEZ brain, or at least a component that could be popped in for USB host and SD card capabilities.
(Suit update video on this post ->

Can’t wait for details on the contest. If you have one, I’ll try hard to create a project that fits into the bounds of the contest and hit submit.


This is the problem, you won the contest before we even start :think: We have to add a rule to the contest, hookedup is not allowed…just kidding.

We are still throwing some ideas back and forth. I hope to have it up tomorrow.


Lasers count as LED’s right? i have an idea for a project with motors, mirrors and laser , can’t afford tigers :wink: