Hole in the GHI product line

It seems to me that there is a glaring hole in the GHI Electronics product line. Over the years I’ve used quite a few chipsets (EMX, it’s predecessor, usbizi 100 and 144, etc…). But if you want to produce something in reasonable quantities, your only choices are EMX and USBizi.

And, unfortunately, it’s a choice between a chip that has a ton of RAM, built-in ethernet, expensive and another one that barely has any RAM at all, no ethernet and is very, very reasonably priced.

There is a ton of space in between. Over the last couple of years, when looking for a solution, I had to take GHI out of the running because EMX was too expensive for my purposes and USBizi was too incapable.

Why do I say USBizi is incapable? Because with the available RAM (30-40k after everything is loaded) you can’t really do anything substantial (loading a 10k file from flash results in running out of memory), you spend all your time optimizing the living crap out of the code, thus defeating the purpose of rapid development with the .NET Microframework.

I think GHI needs a chip that has at least 250k of RAM (better yet 1mb), built-in ethernet support and be priced from $20 to $30 in quantities and $30 to $40 standalone.

What do you think?

Do you also want full GHI support ?

Thanks for the feedback. This is already in the works. There is a very good reason on why it is not out yet but nothing I could share publicly.

That’s great to hear.

I smell something delicious.

My personal thoughts are that GHI should create a new board voting system. To keep it from getting to wild and crazy GHI can pre select components like CPU, flash size, ram size, Ethernet, LCD support, board size, and connection type. Then let the community decide via a voting system for each item and its options they want.

Everyone wants everything; we are consumers after all :slight_smile: I like the way GHI approach most aspects of their new product “ideas” like the way the Panda originally came about and the way the Fez Ant discussion went on (as well as Hydra and Fez Hacker etc etc). Ultimately they are the ones that need to set a business model in place so I can totally accept that they might seek input but it’s their destiny so I’d be totally fine if they developed cool stuff in isolation. It’s obvious they’ve identified a potential area they can explore here that people will buy, so tally ho, bring it on ! :slight_smile:

Gus is like Steve Jobs… Don’t tell him what you need… He will tell you what you need. :smiley:

Wow mike, did you just compare Gus to Steve! I am speechless :slight_smile:

I guess if you are speechless then you are not like Steve Jobs… :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh…not going to say it… :o

I’m thinking more of a Kickstart.com approach where GHI can propose a board development idea and if enough people put in pre-orders, they produce it. That will help satisfy GHI’s minimum quantity thresholds for production while at the same time offering up more unique board combos.