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Hitachi HD44780U LCD Controller


Experts, It is me again

I am interested in this Hitachi HD44780U LCD Controller for my mini, it does not seems that it comes with any type of cable, is there a cable for it or that I have to pretty much wire it myself? if I do have to wire it myself, can i wire it direct to mini board or do I have to buy additional components?

Thanks, Hai


You can wire it directly. If you are not good with wiring and electronics then I suggest using our serial LCD…you only need one wire for this one.


Thanks for the explantion,
Could someone please give me steps to wire this LCD to my mini?

Thank You, Hai


Look through the components for mini and you will find the source code and brochure explaining what you need. I also think this is also explained in the book


Is this display compatible with this:


Rafik (Josef)
Yeah, I think I can following instruction to wire mine. I think mine is 2x16 LCD.