High Tech Kids Game

I have them on the SD cards. When the GPS first gets a lock it uses a lookup XML file to know which grid, if any, you’re on. Then it loads up the grid definition and images.

Kept as XML & GIF though, they should be small enough to transfer in a reasonable amount of time.

That’s really cool, imagine a tile built into the seat of a office chair and providing electricity to that cubicle or office.

@ Skewworks - I may “borrow” your idea, I really like the idea of getting the kids involved and I think a game like this is a great way to do it.

Or a Freman style costume. Muad’Dib!

Please do! :smiley:

@ Architect - As soon as you have the costume done, you have to show the pictures! ;D

@ Skewworks - I will also give proper attribution! :whistle: