"Hidden Topics"

Please could you make the hidden topics not show up on Unread messages unless you have permission to view them.



I notices that already but we are not testing permissions.

Let’s see if we can edit a post from Gus :slight_smile:

The good news is that you’re not the only one wondering what Gus thinks is cool… :slight_smile:

I am probably not alone in thinking it’s uncool, when you’re not in the “in crowd” and looking in but can’t see :slight_smile:

Your not alone :slight_smile:

Sorry Josh, there is a security hole in the forum. F.e. I could modify Gus post in this thread :slight_smile:

This is a new idea we are experimenting with. It may go further or may not. It is an exclusive club to share more details about GHI internals. We have always wanted to share more but we can’t put everything out in public, for many reasons. This is a paid service and requires NDA, other requirements and an approval. But it also has its own perks, from special discounts to having products before they are released.

Again, it is an idea/experiment for now.

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if there will be a secret handshake I am in!

@ Mike - ROFL!

I think Gus is planning that members of the circle will have to meet somewhere in secrecy and wear some masks and robes.

I think that there is a bug where if you search the topic you can see what they talked about.
Search insider.

Thanks for pointing this out

No problem

Also there is no topic title in the boards list. See attatchment.

Wired, I am using ie9 and it shows up.

Look like this related to the " symbol.

I think that if GHI wants to start a secret society then it should be secret. Dont show it at all if you dont have permission to view it. Else there is impression created that you must pay for the Stradegy Guide if you REALLY want to use your GHI gear, and that user R and user A can create such cool apps because they are part of the secret society, and if you are not part of it then your apps will always suck…

I don’t believe the idea is for this to be a super secret ultra exclusive club. The price of admission will be open to anyone and reasonable at that. You’ll also have access to discounts that end up paying for the membership itself. This is good for you and us. We’ll be sharing information that needs to be protected, hence the NDA. Being a member means you’ll be more informed. This won’t make a member’s apps any better than a non-member’s apps. The level of support will be the same for both.

@ Josh
That a bit like the Microsoft Connect Program.

Doesn’t really matter what it is. It should not be rubbed in the faces of “non-members”.

I’d just like to add, I wasn’t complaining about things being secret. Just getting stuck in the Fez Circle permission denied area after clicking an Unread topic link.

That was until I heard about the secret handshake… :wink:

Yes, my real “issue” was the updated post appearing on the unread list. Don’t tempt me with something I can’t see or get :slight_smile: