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Hibernate when using Glide


I would like to put the Cobra into Hibernate mode after a short timeout, and then re-awaken when the user touches the LCD screen.

I don’t know which interrupt to specify in the Power.Hibernate method to make this happen.


Just to be sure. How is this related to glide?


I’d like to do something similar, turn off the screen, but keep I/O functioning. and only awaken screen on touch (or alarm)

One reason is I am finding the FEZ Cobra 4.3" screen in the case runs hot at one point inside the case.


Basically, this is done usually by turning the display back-light off not the display itself. The backlight is the power hungry side.


Sorry, I wasn’t exactly which category to put this under.

The Glide library hooks into the Touch interrupts and generates events that my application can attach to.

I need those touch interrupts to cause the Cobra to wake up.

I guess my question is: What parameters should I pass to the Hibernate Method to cause this to happen?


Would this help?