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Hibernate and Interrupts


Might hibernate functionality evolve to allow specific interrupts to wake a device up?


You mean using ALARM? :slight_smile:


I have an application where 3 pins are connected to switches and I want any one of those 3 to wake up the device. Other inputs can get triggered, but I don’t want them to wake the device.

EINT0 is only 1 interrup.

RTCAlarm is not quite right either for what I need…the system can’t hibernate for a specific period of time. I want user input to wake it.



hibernate = everything is dead.You can only wakeup using a special pin. If you need multiple inputs then you can connect the inputs to or gate then to the processor.


Maybe a dumb question that the data sheets say (I don’t remember seeing it anywhere though!)

What pin(s) return Fez to wake state? And does this apply only to EMX/Cobra, or the USBizi Fez line too?

Has anyone coded an example of how to use this?


You need to look in user manual for each processor. Search for INTWAKE register description. This register controls what interrupt will wake up the processor.

Gus, after reading about that register it seems like you can set multiple bits to enable different interrupts to be a wakeup source. So you can have more than one pin for that. Correct me if I am wrong.


IO0 USBizi or IO23 EMX/Embedded Master


ok, so Loader button on Domino for instance should do this…