This is completely off topic and pretty much unrelated to software, but if you are looking for a cheap gift, this hexacopter is pretty darn good for the price: ( $18 )


I don’t get any benefit for advertising it or anything… I’ve bought several small quadcopters from them before but I am really enjoying this one. It is the easiest to fly/most stable so far.

I like it so much I’m buying several, to give to my engineering-team colleagues for Christmas. I fly it all around my house, annoying my son (hovering over his head while he is engrossed in videos wearing headphones) and “tagging” him with a bump and flying away quickly, or just chase him around the house. It is hilarious.

I developed this hobby because I broke my foot 4 weeks ago and have been pretty immobile, so this is the best way to annoy my son, from the couch, lol.


Sorry to hear about your injury. Thanks for sharing. That is a great gift!

awesome excuse !