Here is a way to use all Arduino Module in NETMF IDEA!

Cool that’s what i’m talking about…
I can almost feel it once this thing is released, NETMF will take off…


Maybe I’m missing the point somewhat, but why not just use a simple Arduino shell interface like Bitlash. It allows you to execute commands, control I/O etc on an Arduino via simple a simple serial interface. The advantage of using something like that is no need to have to over complicate stuff. Just use straightforwards printf commands. And if we run a shell at the same time on the Gadgeteer board as well then the Arduino have a way to also initiate things on the Gadgeteer board as well.

But Bitlash wouldn’t give you a way to interact with any module drivers in a generic way, right? Simply controlling I/O pins might work for some things, but it wouldn’t work for anything that needs any sort of careful timing, as it’d be significantly slower and less real-time than doing it directly from the already-slow-IO NETMF board.

Bitlash is just a library that you include with the rest of your Arduino app. You can.define you own custom commands and it can call funtions in the rest of you Arduino program.

Ah, then yes, that seems like it would be perfect.

I’m currently experimenting with a wireless interface between my Cerberus Gadgeteer board and a remotely located Arduino board. I can execute Bittlash commands using a two way RFpipe made up with two Medusa Mini’s and two Nordic nRFL01 modules. For me its a cheap and convenient connection and amazingly fast and reliable. I use 115200 baud and just send plain text for now as it makes it easy to debug

you are indeed correct bitlash and rf pipe is also a good solution. as with all problems there is always many solutions to attaining the ends. the reason I wanted to build a avr version of the dl40 was originally because to be quite honest I like the daisylink protocol I like the dl40 module but I`m too stupid to figure out how to program at that level. however I can use c# so the high end stuff is covered and I can use arduino to implement the module driver side of things.

I think this approach for me will allow myself to develop intelligent modules that require a bear minimum of interfacing to the netmf side as possible in the future after I have sorted this first module out.

on a kinda side note I did wonder whether I could ditch the daisylink, use only i2c without the address pullup, still have a ustream donstream port I2C ports and instead use a programmamble dip switch on each of my modules to set the I2C address and therefore not require the daisylink protocol. however that would mean doing a separate download to the module before use, not decided whether to persue this as of yet. as it is a winter project and with no real time scales set I will see what happens.