Help with unknown LCD display

Got an unknown LCD display i figure i would try to get working with my CERB - but I cannot find any information about it. Anyone have an idea what this display is?

Only thing i find on it is WD-G1206VP, and a Google search result yield one result from China (or somthing like that)…

Sorry, probably an endless number of iterations to get very little progress here. Two options I see - first, if you can find what the controller chip is, you might have a chance of getting it working, but you’re going to need to separate the PCB and the display to get to that… second, just go buy one you know about (sorry, really that’s the only thing I can suggest that has any hope of working in a reasonable time)

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Seems like that wount get me any closer…

looks like the text WK-B730-1 is etched into the corner of the glass, but that’s about it. The serial/number on the LED backlight just brings me to a Chinese page where they sell the frames/backlights. So that’s another dead end.

I know I could just buy one, but tinkering with the stuff is half the fun :wink: This is just to learn more about the Gadgeteer, electronics and .NET MF.

Edit: Damn, I need a new camera ::slight_smile:

How many lines are there on that connector?

I would try to search for a similar looking display on the internet/mouser.

There are 24 lines. But there are also 3 buttons with LEDs on the board. The LEDs share common GND and V+ so that brings it down to 20 lines. (Counting 1 line to trigger the LEDs and 3 return for the buttons).

The cable from the board to the LCD has 34 pins.

Tracing power, LEDs, buttons and such leaves me with this:

Pin 4-16 goes directly to the LCD panel’s connector - so that leaves me with 13 unknown pins.

Looking at other 128x64 LCDs with ~20 pin connectors have,

DB0-7 - so that’s 8 pins and leave me with 5.

You could think it then needs, RS, R/W, EN, RST, CS1 and CS2

  • that’s one to many. Most of the LCDs (I’ve been seeing on Google image search) have 2 controllers/banks - thus the need for both CS1 and CS2. So, if this LCD uses 1 controller/Bank, it would need only CS(1). And the sum of pins would match what I have left here.
01 - V+ -> TP1 -> C6-10 -> LCD Panel
02 - GND, Backlight K 
03 - GND, Backlight K
04 - 
05 - 
06 - 
07 - 
08 - 
09 - 
10 - 
11 - 
12 - 
13 - 
14 - 
15 - 
16 - 
17 - Backlight A (via R4)
18 - GND, Backlight K 
19 - BTN 1, BTN 2, BTN 3
20 - BTN 1
21 - BTN 2
22 - BTN 3
23 - LED 1 (via R1), LED 2 (via R2), LED 3 (via R3)
24 - GND, Backlight K 
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Looks like you are almost there. :wink:

@ danibjor - The STM32f40x used on the Cerberus does not have an LCD peripheral so I am not sure you will be able to drive this display with the Cerberus.

I was thinking about bit bang-ing the pins, or use SPI to clock out the data - if I got any hints on what pins the LCD needs… 2x Y sockets gives me 14 GPIOs, witch would do the job if it needs bit bang-ing.

I see some panels don’t have the Reset pin, but do have CS1/2. That would also give me 13 pins total - and would match the missing pins… that suddenly gave me more options :frowning:

This will be a tough one as the controller seems to be built into the LCD module itself and no part number is visible. Even if you knew which pin was which, without knowing the controller that is used, you are not going to be able to do much with it.