Help with Cellphone camera - Is this the right place?

Gus is the one who usually got mad at by his team :slight_smile: (by revealing to much sometimes). I am not complaining! :smiley:

yeah so they made me the “insider” forum so I can finally talk and not get yelled at :slight_smile:

Architect, Gus: I think you are interpreting my attempt of humor as an excuse to stop number-crunching the final ver. 4.2 release.

So, how does one become an “insider”? I see there’s an IO60P16 Module discussion going on over there that I can’t read. I’ll assume you’re talking about me… :wink:

That would be unprofessional.

We are finishing the needed page to become an insider.

I’ve considered more than once the idea of a LinkSprite-style camera, except with onboard storage. If someone was willing to do the software, I’d put together the hardware.

And, to be clear, Gus, I don’t want to diminish GHI or Gadgeteer in any way. I understand that the direction that was taken was the shortest path, and that makes a lot of sense. I have nothing but respect for GHI and the work you do.

That doesn’t mean that there can’t be improvements, however.

We are surly always looking to improve. In the risk of getting yelled at by GHI, we already have a serial camera we are evaluating :slight_smile: what I was trying to point is the great possibilities with gadgeteer. You are not tied to any company and can actually make money off gadgeteer, which we support as well.

I know everyone here is above that. That was my lame attempt at humor… However, I do think it would be best to not be able to see article titles that I cannot read. The current model is the opposite of “open”. I thought Gus had mentioned in another thread they had fixed this. I guess I misunderstood the “fix”. Anyway, I don’t want to hijack this thread. I think there’s already another thread on the subject we can continue on if needed.

Sounds interesting. I was thinking about a camera module, so count me in.

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Meanwhile, in Holland: - YouTube

I don’t know what is he saying, but it looks so wrong!

Don’t suppose GHI would make a cat-module?

They have flying monkey.

I agree with Valen… That is just wrong.

Here’s another crazy idea.

Since using a camera on the Hydra is not feasible at the moment (a real camera, not VGA) and there’s no talking about vudeo transmission, let’s try this one:
I want to add a low-level Android phone to the Hydra-based quadrocopter and communicate between the Hydra and the phone.

What to communicate? Orders to the phone to take pictures or video or start an app. BAsicaly, Android API (right?)
How to communicate? There are several options - Cable (USB on the Hydra through the DP and microUSB in the phone jack) / Bluetooth / Wifi, with the phone acting as a AP.

I’d like to hear your ideas on this. Clueless as to both hardware and software.


@ Gabriel3 - this may help you out


However, I just noticed that is based on USB host which the Hydra doesn’t have… :frowning: Bluetooth may be your best option.


How about setting a mobile access point on the Android (can be done) and working with that?