Help - WifiRS21 and FEZ Raptor

Hi, I got a new wifirs21 module. I deployed a simple web server example to see the initialization code. The board is connected to a raptor. This used to be working fine for a couple of days. I then changed the code to add some sensors to the raptor.

The problem now whenever the wifi module is connected, the visual studio cannot attach a debugger and keep counting iterations. Without the wifi module,the raptor is working just fine.

I upgraded the boot loader and firmware to 4.3 trying to get the board working with the wifi module but the problem still the same.

I don’t know what happened to make the raptor doesn’t work when the wifi module is connected and I am very disappointed spending 100$ on that rs21 with antenna. Any help figuring this out is much appreciated.

What software are you running on it? Which socket are you using? Any other modules?

@ Gus - first it was connected to socket 3 then I tried the other S sockets. The other module connected is USB client dp for power. I even used fez config to erase the application so there shouldn’t be any software currently.

So there is no software and once the module is plugged you can’t deploy?

I bet it is a power issue. Add a power pack or use a powered hub

@ Gus - I tried adding a wall adaptor to the USB client, same issue. Also I got from the specs that the wifi module is not that hungry. It is under 150 ma which the USB power can support. Anyway adding the wall adaptor didn’t solve the issue.

The WiFi plus the raptor is plenty of power. This is the only thing on my mind now.

if you doubleclick on Properties of your project and then choose .NET Micro Framework on the left side, do you see G400 in the Device ComboBox as targetDevice?

@ RoSchmi - without the wifi yes, with the wifi without any software yes till I deploy, even a simple debug.print statement without any network related code. After that the board is not recognized until I remove the module or erase the app from fez config while module is disconnected. Same issue with fez config while wifi module is connected.

@ Gus - I tried also to connect the wifi to a power extender, same scenario. The power extender is connected to 2000 ma adaptor. So you can exclude the power issue

Is there any way to re-flash the wifi module firmware?

Just connected my WiFiRS21 Module (which I never have used before) to my Raptor. When I deployed an empty application the first time, I got the message that firmware and driver version didn’t have the same number and that the module tries to update the firmware. On the next try to deploy I got the message that the firmware had the same version number as the driver. So the mudule must have updated its firmware over the internet connection of my PC automatically (at least I can not imagine, how it should have done this in another way). Does your PC have an internet connection?
Edit: Think now, that the firmware update is not made over the Internet, but more likely from a file which is loaded in the memory of the mainboard (Raptor) when the application is deployed.

I think that in your case the software hangs in the constructor oft he WiFi Module.
To find the reasons it may be useful to include the module driver as a Class in your application so that you can go in the code and debug it.

Here you can see how make modifications to the driver

My problem now that debugger fails to attach after deployment, but I will try again with the application memory erased first. I will post the results here by tomorrow. appreciate your support.

I found for some reason that I have some network settings set in the network configuration section in fez config which makes the wifi module trying to join the network on power up and become not responding to raptor. And in my case I use socket 3 which makes wifi module at some stage resets the raptor and the USB connection making the board malfunction from the PC side.

I removed the network settings from the fez config and that made the raptor become alive for debugging while the wifi module is connected and I can initialize the wifi.

I am currently using framework 4.3, the web server example that used to work on 4.2 throws exception now in StartLocalServer. I think it may help many people building a new web server example for netmf 4.3 and latest module driver.

@ Ahmed2 - Hey there, i got the same problem as you described.
Just wondering how you changed those network settings, or to what values.

@ rumkuhgel - It has been a year since the last post on this thread. For the best responses, start a new thread, and describe your current problems/issues. With WiFi, it usually best to show your initialization code.