Help needed to analyse this situation

Recently when I debug H bridge, ir2101s and 15 v power supply module always burn out. The principle of the diagram shows below.The 36 v lithium-ion batteries is power supply for whole circuit. The actual voltage is 42v. ir2101s uses 15 v power supply (composed of LM2596H step-down module from 42 v to 15 v, the datasheet of LM2596H is LM2596HVSX-5.0 - NS - IC Chips - Kynix). When I first use a program, it can run normally.(my program is downloaded by IAP function, single chip microcomputer is stm32) Then I use IAP function, and update the main program where I change a word to reverse the turn. The motor moves once and then it completely (ir2101s, 15 v step-down module and MOS are normal).


@ Kimmy - the it completely what?

Not relevant to anything remotely NETMF or GHI as far as I can tell and the posting is just a riddle of some sort and the image is impossible to read.

When you use the IAP function to change just one word, you are most likely erasing an entire block of your program. Ive never seen IAP used in this way.

@ mtylerjr - you know what the op is talking about?

Well… just the bit where they are changing the direction of the motor by changing a single word in their program via IAP, and updating the program via IAP. As for the hardware diagram - no clue. I’m a software guy :smiley: All I know is that when you make changes via IAP, you have to be very aware of block/segment boundaries. “Updating the main program” with IAP from the main program itself is extremely tricky (although doable)

Maybe I misread and they are just manually downloading a new app with just the direction word changed (and not changing just a word on the fly with IAP)

In that case, it’s a hardware thing and I have no clue.