Help me: DC motor with the card EMX

I want to control a DC motor with the card EMX
is that there are demonstrations how to program outputs
and with shemas with motor

thank you
but I have not the card and I can not buy this module
I want configured with PWM

@ riad1986

What exactly do you have? You mention card EMX, what do you mean by that?

By the way socket image on that page is wrong. Notch should be on another side of the socket.

Do you have any spec of your motor?

In all case, you 'll not be able to supply power for motor pins directly with the EMX pwm outputs.

thank you for all
I want to control the motors with PWM

so does that mean you have a RC BL motor or something? And the other question, what mainboard do you have? You need to help us by explaining what you have so that we can give you reasonable guidance. You should also tell us WHY you wanted to use PWM?