Help creating SDK for my modules

I have two modules that have been able to create installer releases for, how can I package these together into a single SDK?

Create installer project and invoke each module installation from it.

@ Jermtown - What are your modules?

You have to build in Release mode as well or else the installer won’t generate.

Yeah he created installer releases.

Thanks for the help. I found this article which sounds like your instructions: How to: Create or Add a Setup Project | Microsoft Learn

The problem is I don’t get a “Project Types” pane when I create a new project. My new project goes directly to the templates. Is this a limitation of Visual Studio 2010 express?

Justin - I have two modules: 7 relay output and a 7NPN/PNP input. I want to replace small PLC’s in some of my projects so I need the 24V configurable input and high power output. I have a few more in the works but I’m learning C# as I go and trying to figure out a solid manufacturing solution. I’m not into hand placing these components and standing in front of a toaster oven with an infrared gun. Has anyone found a good solution? I’m tempted to get an automated pick and place and put PID into my toaster oven. Maybe I should move this to the module thread.


thanks, I was also looking for the Module Builder’s Guide on that page…I had found it once but forgot where. Pretty straight forward from there.

dang, can’t mark Andre and Archtiect both as answers

@ Jermtown - sounds interesting, have been looking into making a G120 industrial board with solid state relays etc so your stuff is of interest so when you have more details please share if you can.

@ Justin - drop me an email, I think we might be headed in similar directions, I’d love to discuss it: jshubert at odessei dot com