HElp communicating between Hydra and PC through ENC28 and USB


Starting to learn the Hydra and Gadgeteer.

I am interested in deplyment through network cable (connected to the router) and the ENC28, while communicating throw the USB (DP).

Please, can someone give me a pointer to sample code?

Not much knowledge in communication, I’m afraid.


I don’t think network deployment is available on Hydra.


See this please:

I want to be able to deploy and watch values from the sensors in real time through external programs. Any ideas?

By deploy, Architect means you cannot deploy your application via ethernet. You can write a web server that will serve up data from sensors to any web client. The thread you referenced has nothing to do with deploying an application AFAICT.


So, if I get it right, deployment is ONLY via USB and if I want to communicate through Ethernet, I can use the enc28.

Would you please show me a sample (simple) project to get me started?


I’d appreciate a link to “connection and code for dummies” for the Hydra and the END28.

This is standard .NET sockets. You can view few examples already in the “my documents” folder on your PC. There is also tutorials on networking under support.

There will be more gadgeteer tutorials in very near future, we are concentrating on releasing NETMF 4.2 now.