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Help a FEZ Brother Out?


Hi, I’m looking for some community help. I built a prototype and had an unfortunate accident that destroyed my FEZ Cobra, both board and EMX. They are currently out of stock at GHI and elsewhere, but I need to demo this prototype to a customer yesterday. Looks like the Cobra’s will be another week.

Anyone want to part with theirs temporarily? I’d of course replace it with a new one when they come back into stock.

Any takers?



This is in stock


You mean this one


Yea, I noticed that. Hard to swallow the $300. I sent an email earlier asking if you would be willing to separate the board from the kit for me…not sure how practical that is or if you’d be willing to do so.

I could hook you up with some of our own Vermont maple syrup if you would :wink:



I don’t know why but users want to stay anonymous and they don’t reveal their location. Maybe some Fezzer wit Cobra board is living in the same city as you Andrew2 but he doesn’t know that :wink:


I see EricH in Vermont

Although he only mentioned Domino and Panda II


I just turned on my profile map…don’t want to be a hypocrite!


Sorry, no Cobra here. Nice to see another FEZzer in VT, though.


Gus, your silence suggests pulling a Cobra from the kit for me is out of the question. Is that true?


The kits are assembled bagged and bags are sealed. I doubt the guys will ruin a kit to pull out the main board. Sorry :frowning: