HD44780 Module CursorPostion on 4x20 LCD


because my LCD is working i create a little program to drive a char with the joystick module.
I have a 4x20 display. I know about earlier problems to write line 3 and 4, because the driver only knew about 2 lines.

I tested my programm and all is fine for the first two lines. But wenn i’m driving in line 3/4 the “ball” is jumping.

Is it correct thats still a driver problem?

The problem you can see in the video:

Here is the code on codeshare:

Can you post on codeshare please?

Your video is marked private and I can’t watch it.

Sorry, it was too late for me yesterday.
Code is on Codeshare (Link to forum discuss is to other thread).
Video is now visible for you.

I tested the method to set cursor position and putc.
So i can reproduce the bug.

With a 4x20 LCD and this lines


The digit is showing wrong at col 0.
Whrere i can i look at the driver?

@ Suplanus - The code for the drivers can be found on Codeplex

Specifically you can find the code for the HD44780 here

You can also use Reflector or JustDecompile to view the driver code from the assemblies directly. I have found that the codeplex code is not always 100% in sync with the shipping code.

I always keep an up to date working folder locally of the full Gadgeteer source from the SVN respository, it comes in handy when debugging.

@ Suplanus - I took a quick look at the code on codeplex and I am guessing (I do not have the module) the problem is here

public virtual void SetCursor(byte row, byte col)
  byte[] row_offsets = new byte[4] { 0x00, 0x40, 0x14, 0x54 };
  SendCmd((byte)(SET_CURSOR | row_offsets[row] | col));


SendCmd((byte)(SET_CURSOR | row_offsets[row] | col));


SendCmd((byte)(SET_CURSOR | (row_offsets[row] + col)));

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