Have you seen all these videos?

I was thinking, “have I seen every video made for FEZ” and I realized that no I did not. So, you probably haven’t either. So, can we make a page with all videos? I have a lot so far…take a look and add yours. Maybe we should add another page to add more since the page is starting to get slow to load from all the amazing videos this community has been creating.

This is a nice collection of videos.
But you are right it is slow. An index page with just clickable thumbnails might help in this case.

Very nice indeed.

Also there are a few duplications, I took the duplication out.

Holy crap, how did you collect all those?

If you did it manually, holy crap. :o

Yeah manually! I am sure there are more too

awesome Gus! I haven’t seen all of them either :stuck_out_tongue:

This is probably too much to ask with the amount of videos but any chance of maybe having a tooltip that gives a very brief title of the video?

The beauty of wiki…anyone can make changes. You can get started on doing that and other may complete if you didn’t complete it

I’m on it. First page already done.

Fantastic :slight_smile:

All pages are now updated with titles. 8)

500 points for the great help

Thanks Gus! Happy to help ;D

I am surprised I got a share in the videos…

Guess it has been a while since someone tried to look at these videos, that link goes to an empty site with just some spammy-ish text on it…

updated the link. Those pages are very old. there are hundreds of more videos by now.

Thank you