Have to clean solution each deployment

This occurred on the latest build, and the current RC

My solution has 10 projects thus far, when I make a change in any project 90% of the time I have to clean the project in which I made the change for the changes to get deployed to the device.

For example, I remove an operation from a method, I deploy and the operation remains. It’s not until I clean the project, that the operation is removed at deployment.


This is new to me

What does that mean? You remove some source code and and it is still there?

Here is a perfect example. I changed the numbers in the Debug.WriteLine from 123 to 222 (In the picture look at the code vs output window) and also added the int i = 4+4; Then I immediately Debugged, see the output window and the error about the variable i

If I clean the project and deploy again, then everything is good until I make another change.

Do you use external flash at all?

Hi Gus,

No, external flash is currently disabled. I can reproduce this every deployment/debug if I do not clean first.


One last thing to try, please make a new solution and see if this will still happen. If trees we need your entire solution.

Also make sure you have the latest VS.

Please try this after we release RC2 this week.

Are there any API changes we should take care of in our drivers ?

I do not think so


How fast you do “immediately” ? Likely relate to caching but could not reproduce on my side. Is there any simple project?

I believe the issue might had been storing the code in DropBox. Moving the code into OneDrive the issue has been fixed.

Would never had though it