Have I killed my Cobra?

I received my new Cobra on Saturday and have been messing around, trying out various bits of software.

I didn’t have too many problems, or at least I could figure out how I created the problems I had … until this afternoon. I was trying out Chris’s NOAA Weather API and I forgot to install an SD card in the socket. Of course, this caused an exception. The problem is, the PC doesn’t see the Cobra at all. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, but no joy … no sound from Windows when I plug the board in, and MFDeploy doesn’t see it. I also have a Domino, so I tried plugging it in. Windows sees it, and I can ping it from MFDeploy. Does anyone have any ideas, or have I bricked my almost new Cobra? :’(


I don’t have a EMX manual handy, but there are two levels of loaders. I think at the second level you can erase the application program.

This should fix the problem.

Worse case, reinstall all the firmware.

After doing the Ldr button thing, does windows devices see the new comm port? Can you see from TeraTerm?

Not having SD card should never cause any problems.

As the video points out, hold all buttons (up+select+down) down and reset the board to enter GHI loader…erase all and reload everything.

If still having problems, disconnect everything from the board and try again.

Mike, William, and Gus -

Thanks for the help. ;D

I had tried unplugging everything and even rebooted the PC … that didn’t help. Windows couldn’t see the Cobra at all. I was able to access TinyBooter and then was able to reload the firmware through MFDeploy. The board is functioning again.