Has Relay X1 module been discontinued?

Has the Relay X1 module been discontinued? I am assuming it has as it does not appear in the catalog.

@ kiwi_stu - There was a problem with the design of the module that led GHI to remove it from the catalog:


My impression was that they were planning to just mark it out of stock until the problem could be corrected, but perhaps they decided to retire it.

DFRobot still has a Gadgeteer-compatible relay module available:


I guess I can use the Load Module to control a off shelf relay?

@ kiwi_stu (@ everyone) - We will be making the official announcement this week probably Thursday but we are coming out with a replacement, we are currently just testing and double checking the newest design.

Wonderful news!! ;D

@ kiwi_stu - I will bug the team tomorrow and see if I can make the announcement early, so stay tuned. ;D

we know how that goes usually… “breaking news… oh wait Gary already told you that” just like this time :slight_smile:

Good to see you back here mate !

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@ Brett - I didn’t tell everything this time!

@ GHI - Ehm, what is with the old ones, I still have some of them, shouldn’t I be using them or at least not in ??? solutions ???

See the link I posted… Short version is that the old design shouldn’t be used for high voltages due to clearance issues in the traces on the board.


@ devhammer - thanks, was too busy reading forgot to click :wall:

@ PiWi - The relay module does not provide enough clearance around the high voltage lines. It should not be used with 240V. It is safe to use with lower voltages, under 50V for example.

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Thanks Gary - This is actually where I was planning it for … but I’ve still got the old (very old) not gadgeteer (if it was even already born) X16 I2C driven one that’ll be OK then.

@ PiWi - The replacement module has been redesigned around the specifications for 240.


That is good to know, as the proof of concept I am working with is using 24v.

@ Gary - will the module use either X Y sockets like the Relay X1 module?

@ kiwi_stu - Yes, it is still XY.