Has anyone tried a PanStamp?

I first saw them about a year ago and it looked interesting. http://www.panstamp.com/
I almost bought some, but they appear to charge shipping and tax to the US.

Don’t get met wrong I like GHI products and buy more at every sale :slight_smile: I have three running freeze protection Internet-logging control loops and one controlling my aerated-static pile composter and they work great (then there are the several in the basement waiting for instructions on what to do) . But, I have some applications where I want something smaller and probably battery powered. Think temperature and presence to better control house temperature and hot water recirculation pump. It looks like the PanStamp could fill that need.

No, I haven’t tried these folks, but if you want to stay in the NETMF domain, I am building a family of Molecule.Net automation nodes for my own needs with a PIR (presence sensor) and temp sensors; a choice of wifi or RF comms; and long-life smoke-detector battery for almost exactly the same sort of application as you mention. The whole scenario gets even better when 4.4 is out and we can use the AllJoyn TinyCore and integrate with other AllJoyn devices.

I’m packaging this all in a 3D printed white case so that it looks nice. Looks like it’s going to be very small. The battery is the biggest part by far.

If you want some of the carrier boards and case STL, I will probably make them available through Justin or you can just get Molecule.Net boards and bake up something yourself. The designs will be open source if you want to order them through DFRobot. Or, you can start now with Justin’s existing carrier board which is about the same size as the panstamp battery board. My goal is to be as small and inobtrusive as possible.

I will probably do a few similar nodes for relays (door lock, boiler, garage door) and GPIO/ADC (moisture detector, gas detector, etc). My goal is to have the first ones done in July (because I have quite a backlog of stuff to do) but I also have an international move coming up that might disrupt everything. Anyway, you can use Justin’s existing tiny boards, or if you can wait, you are welcome to jump on this train. If not, the panstamp is not NETMF but doesn’t look bad.

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I’ll order a panstamp NRG. I want to use them for monitor humidity and optimize temperature in my house. I hope they will help me to save money and will be a great hobby for me!