Has anyone done time stamped data logging on the .Net Gadgeteer

While I have a specific purpose involving logging and storage of biosensor data I would be interested in any work anyone has done involving logging of timestamped data on the Gadgeteer platform (on an SD card or
USB Storage and also any similar work involving posting of that data to an Internet of Things service like
Pachube or NIMBITS.

Ira Laefsky

Hi Ira,

Here are some pointers for you:





Thanks Valentin – do any of these include a timestamp from a DATETIME call?

I see that at least three use “ticks” from DATETIME but I was wondering if any are available that include a
DATETIME based Timestamp in each entry to the file.

Much Thanks

I think they do ! It just so happens that they use ticks instead of seconds. So tell us what you really want to achieve rather than little hints that don’t seem to be leading you in the right direction.

Thanks Brett and Valentin:

What I hope to do in the longer run is to promulgate an Open source project that will aggregate data from
both raw analog biosensors (EEG,GSR, etc) and Appliance-type Medical Devices (Zeo Sleep Monitor, Fitbit,Basis Arm Monitor,Neurosky,etc). It will display these items on an Oscilliscope-like dsplay on the T35, log them in a common format (initially Comma-Separated, eventually one use for Biosignals (EDF+))
on either an SD Card or USB Drive, and send them to the Cloud via a service like-Pachube or Nimbits).
Gus, Architect and others have already supplied code for Oscilliscope-like graphing on the T35. What I’m hoping to do experiments on in the near future with your help is storing formatted biosensor data with an initial Time of Day Stamp on an SD-Card or USB-drive.

Much thanks for any help you can provide, I don’t mean to assign others unwanted homework, but Brett since you asked this is a bit of a picture of my short and longer range plans. I do believe that an Open Source project on the Gadgeteer would be of great value in providing a way of capturing and using Medical/Fitness and Physiology Data…

Much Thanks