Has anybody launched (as in a rocket) any gadgeteer hardware?

Last year I built a little sensor pod to go into the nosecone of a model rocket. It used an Arduino Nano, a little 500mAh lipo, and xbee Pro, a couple of sensors, a microsd data logger module, and a cheap GPS tracker from ebay.

… basically, it recorded the G forces and altitude on a microsd card, and sent telemetry back over the xbee to my laptop. In theory I could text the GPS tracker for a location if I lost the rocket, but it never landed too far to lose it.

Now it is in storage in California, and I am in NZ.

I was thinking of making something similar again, but using the Spider or Cerberus … has anyone here done this sort of thing already?

I used a pro series II “Ascender” with a g80-4 booster second stage. (Getting the engines down here might be a problem, I dont know) - the spider/cerberus could be light enough… but both are listed as 28g - is this true? (equal in weight? The spider looks larger)

N/m about the spider/cerberus questions… I decided to go with the Cerb40 II for the rocket payload controller!