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Happy new year to all


This year has been great for GHI and we couldn’t have done it with you guys, the coolest community ever. We have come a long way and learned a lot about our new area of business, the hobby market. GHI is proudly and strongly supporting customer from all levels now. From those who do not know how LEDs work to those who have mastered it all. Also, GHI is even more proud to become a strong open source parter. We have been sharing it all, software and hardware, on some of our products. As you guys know, GHI is also installing a production line right in our building. No more out of stock problems. We are even installing a laser cutter and CNC machines.

Looking back, GHI has doubled is sales from previous year and tripled its employee count. This happened in a struggling global economy. So yes, thank you for supporting us and making all this happen.

We all at GHI wish you guys a happy new year and we can’t wait to show you all the new things we have for 2012.


public class FireWork
    public FireWork Message()
        Debug.Print("Happy new year from Holland in return to all people @ GHI and to all colleague professionals and hobbyist in this community");
        return new FireWork();

Cheers :clap:


Happy new year to you also, Gus. I’m looking forward to what 2012 brings. Congrats on a great 2011.


Happy new year to the fantastic GHI team, and forum members.


HNY to all the fezzers here, and to our gracious hosts from GHI.

Festivities starting here in AU with only 2.5hrs to go of 2011. Lets hope 2012 brings us all new Fezzes to drool over !!! :slight_smile:


Happy new year and all the best wishes for GHI and the community! :dance:

Edit: MrPositive, I see are Dutch as well, where do you live?


Happy new year to all of you and of course to GHI :dance:

If GHI was “surprised” with the hobby market and its members, I personnaly have to admit that I’ve also been “suprised” by them in terms of business. I don’t know of another company that has been so close to their customers, listening to their will and acting accordingly in most cases. :o

So again, a big thank you and happy new year 2012 ! :clap:


@ Robert Jacobs: I’m from Rotterdam.

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar :wink:


Happy New Year to everybody!!!


Happy New Year to all


Happy New Year to all from New Joisey!


@ Mike

What exit? :smiley:

I’ve got family in Sussex County, though I’m south of the Mason-Dixon here in Northern Virginia.

Anyway, Happy New Year, all!


Happy new year all !

… toast to GHI, toast to Gus, toast to FEZ, toast to NETMF … toast to the community members …

party … responsibily


This year I was introduced to NETMF and of course, GHI. Had always wanted to get into micro stuff but never really knew how to get started…GHI and this community have opened up a whole new world for me. Thanks to the entire GHI team and the folks that patiently help us beginners here on this board…hope everyone has a Safe and Happy New Year and an even better 2012 :slight_smile:


@ devhammer

Exit 8A. I live in the Princeton area.


Thank you Gus and GHI as I’m really looking forward to 2012 and building a bunch of cool devices as you guys and Gadgeteer have really opened up some oppertunities for me to play and experiment like never before. Happy New Year!!! Lets mark this moment in time and then we will be able to look back on it on Dec 31, 2012 and see the growth and progress which I’m sure will exceed our current expectations.


Happy New Years ALL !!!, Thank You GHI and the Community for great support, see you next year. :slight_smile:


С Новым Годом! (Happy New Year in russian) ;D

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