Happy Early Fathers Day to me

This is my gift to myself…


My early Father’s day present to myself is cleaning the house and doing laundry today so I can sit on my butt all day tomorrow. Well, I mean, if she lets me. :wink:


@ Gary - your gift is the big surprise to your doctor when he looks at the results from your bloodwork :slight_smile: But who cares, that looks fantastic! I am running to the store to get me one of these :open_mouth:

Happy father’s day to you and all dads.


…and punishment for your poor pancreas. :snooty:

I had to start a low cholesterol diet so used Nolan as an an excuse to get this.

You posts have been really positive lately, we should change your username to “MrHappy”

LOL. Just trying to watch out for your health. :smiley:

You know what they say…“abuse it or lose it” (or something like that… :wink: )

My son took me to see Monster Jam for an early father’s day. I think he’s confused Father’s Day with his birthday… :smiley:


Happy Actual Father’s day Gary, and everyone else.


At least that was fun. Mine was partly spent trying to get a new battery for the car after the wife broke down and I had to go and check what was wrong. The battery was as dead as hell with about 8V but the local garage guy who came along to have a look was adamant it was something else until I arrived with my trusty multimeter in hand. New battery in a few hours later and viola, car is going again.

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@ ianlee74 - We went to the National Maker Faire. Got a chance to catch up with Pete Brown briefly, since he was there working at the Microsoft booth.

Then went for a nice ribeye for dinner. :slight_smile:

Good day.


Fathers Day is the first Sunday in September in Australia :slight_smile: Not that either of my dogs will remember ::slight_smile:

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