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Happy Bosses Day


@ Gus - Happy Bosses Day :smiley:

@ everyone in the states - If you are a boss then Happy Bosses Day to you! ;D


@ Gary - Thank you! :wink:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


@ Architect - LOL, great image, have you been to GHI?


@ Gary -
Do you happen to know when Happy Grunt day is?


@ willgeorge - Every other Friday when the paycheck arrives! :wink:


Nope, and I am afraid now. ;D


@ Architect - I think you might be safe!


@ Gary - Thanks Boss :wink:


I have my wife’s permission to say I am the boss, so thank you for the kind wishes Gary.


@ taylorza - I didn’t even bother asking mine.


Yip, I am the man… Oops, sorry I have to run the boss… I mean my wife is calling.