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Happy 2011 fezzers!


Everyone at GHI wish you all a great and happy new year

2010 has been a wonderful and crazy-busy year for FEZ. We got to invent all kind of cool devices which got us to know all the amazing users in this community…thank you everyone.

So what to come in 2011? …a lot of exiting new things. GHI is planning to invest a million dollars in FEZ/TinyCLR in 2011 so let the fun begins! We look forward to show you what we have and also we look forward to get to see more of your projects and to meet the new fezzers.


Am I the only one awake?


Not only you


I drank a bottle. Am I the only one?.. Cheers.


I am awake… Lost my beer buzz :slight_smile:


Great news! Looking forward to it. And still awake.


Happy New year everyone.


Happy New Year everyone… may FEZ dominate the world!


Happy New Year to everyone!


Happy Fezzes All


May New Year bring you, all FEZZers in the world, :smiley:
happiness, fun and success with your FEZ project all year round. :dance:


Happy new year everyone.


Happy new year everyone, too ;D

Now knowing better the GHI/TinyCLR team, I know there will be fantastic things coming :wink:

  1. How about an anti-gravity extention?


pffft, it’s the 2nd here already :slight_smile: New Years day is sooooo yesterday.

have a great 2011 everyone


Happy New Year !


The new guy here, thanks for all the help you guys have offered in the past, looking forward to an exiting 2011 as I move forward with FEZ! :slight_smile:


I’m still awake from NYE…Monday’s gonna hurt. Happy New Years everyone!

@ GHI can’t wait to see what you guys do in 2011! Your devices are absolutely fantastic and your community is amazing; thank you (and the community) for helping me get Pyxis where it is now and where it will be in 2011!!!


Happy new year everyone!


A little late, but here it is:

Let’s have a fezzy year! ;D