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Hanselminutes with Netduino - with mentions of Chris + hari (?)


Some basic & interesting stuff.


Chris and Hari are becoming very creative and active members. Chris is our first FEZ Hero 8).

I have no doubt that they are generously contributing to NETMF. And I think they are along with many other creative members (I have many names in mind) targeted by many companies to help exposing and trying out there products. These guys are horribly smart. :wink:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys, all the FEZ community members, for your support and for showing the world this amazing platform. And we promise you the amazing Freakn’Easy products that you love to see always.


Hahah, Chris got my last name wrong the second time, but right the first.


You’re welcome. Don’t forget to pat yourselves on the back too. TinyCLR has a nice line-up of products with ready for fun components, great libraries, excellent documentation, and knowledgeable responsive support staff. Kudos.