Hanging out with @Brett in Sydney

I have just spent an immensely enjoyably evening with Brett and his wife over dinner while travelling to Sydney on business.

Brett took the time out to travel after dark thru the ghetto’s of Sydney risking life and limb to pick me up from my shady hotel and chauffeur me back to his pad and then cook up an excellent feast and plying me with amber nectar.

So Brett, thanks heaps for the awesome hospitality from you and your wife and it was wicked to finally meet you in person.

Dont believe all the rumors…@ Bretts a top bloke!

And look at the mint pressie he gave me to take home :clap:


@ Justin - So let me get this straight. He picked you up. Showed you a good time. Then gave you a bag of “coffee” to take back home? You know they train those sniffer dogs well.


@ Justin - Nice. Now back to work Mr. LoRa :slight_smile:

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Sounds like an awesome day. Going down under and visiting you blokes is on my bucket list.

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You’re welcome to pop in mate, just say the word ! And if you want coffee, you can get coffee :wink:

Hmmm… My wife likes coffee. You may have just given me the ammunition I need :wink:

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Lets just say when I talk coffee at home, I am serious about it. Home roasting taken to a slightly new level.

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Whoa! That’s a serious improvement over the NETMF powered one you had in your BBQ grill :smiley:

@ Brett - Were talking BIG coffee. :clap:

I did some work on a machine similar to that in Jakarta. With all the power dips and outages that the electricity supplier here has, he needed a UPS wired up to it. He got one from the factory but no instructions and it was not just a simple PLUG in either but I got it working.

It used some kind of SCADA system running on a Windows Embbeded PC to run the process on the machine.

I came away with a big bag of coffee for the help :slight_smile:

@ Brett - Whats that jungle in the background?

Just some Ginger plants in the garden that have grown reasonably well, some mondo grass in a pot, and a twisted fig that we inherited with the place.

cool machine,
where would one get started with a similar hobby, I would love to start roasting my own coffee!

you start with getting a wooden spoon, a metal dish, a paint stripper heatgun, and a few handfuls of green coffee beans. You stir the beans, while applying heat, and 15 mins later you have great coffee. Then you buy a 5kg commercial roaster off eBay and have over 300kg of green beans stored in your garage. Of course you could stop somewhere between those, but… nah, why would anyone do that.

There are many options in the middle quite frankly. I used the heatgun and wooden spoon method for a year or so, doing small batches most weekends. I then moved up to a small drum roaster in a BBQ and used it for many years to do great coffee in larger batch sizes. I then stumbled on the eBay roaster and bought it on a whim, I used it a bit but because of the size had to store it away from Sydney at my mothers house; it sat unused for much of the last 10 years, but then my mother’s house sold recently and I relocated it and started using it.

There are some “commercial” home roasters you can look at. Look for i-Roast, Behmor, and Genecafe. Check out this site (I’m not affiliated, however I did buy an espresso machine from them) http://www.talkcoffee.com.au/products/equipment/coffee-roasters/home-roasters/

There’s also a “HGBM” home DIY setup that is reasonably popular, also called “corretto”, see Forums - CoffeeSnobs, it’s a great re-purposing of things you may have already.

The BBQ drum was fabricated by someone specifically for coffee, and was under two hundred bucks if I recall. There are some commercial ones like http://www.rkdrums.com/ that are simple and don’t need you to find someone to make it for you.

and in the end, sources of green beans will be the biggest priority - you need to find a place where you don’t need to buy a 60kg bag of green beans of one variety but can buy a few kilos of multiple varieties so you can try them all. I was part of the coffeesnobs community for that reason - they would buy a few bags of green beans and split that across members in a few kilo lots with little extra cost above the per-kilo cost of the bag, so you got access to beans at the right price. Since then, with the big roaster I have kind of moved past that a bit but in starting out you really need a place you can get green beans in a few kilo lots - some full service roasters might sell you green beans from stock, but don’t expect them to all do that since beans are often limited supply and they want to offer specialised beans to their roasted customers first.

Good luck, it’s a fun journey and one that really does allow you to get the best quality coffee at a great price - my parting thought is roast less beans more often because fresh is best !

@ Brett - Have you ever tried Kopi Luwak?

Google son…Google…



thanks Bill, but I would have thought you’d be recommending Bing instead of the big G ?

Oh I forgot, @ Jay are you going to TR this month?

Going through a bit of of renaissance period of peace and love and anti corporate greed, so spreading the search engine love…

Next week it will be virtues of Cupertino Fruit smoothies and the following week something about the healing of synaptic pathways with the ingestion of Electric Puha :smiley:

fruit smoothies? Like this? Will it Blend? iPhone 5s and 5c - YouTube

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@ Bill Gates - Wow. I thought I was good at remembering useless information… :wink: