Hands on Gadgeteer Labs - Bellevue Microsoft Store Nov 1st and 3rd

While attending this year MVP Summit meetings at Microsoft I will be teaching some of my ‘Hands On Gadgeteer Labs’ at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue (in the Bellevue Square Mall). The first session is Sunday Nov 1 at 3:00PM Microsoft Events but I believe it is already full so they added a second session Tuesday Nov 3 at 7:00PM again at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue Microsoft Events


Enquiring minds: Who drives the school bus when you’re out of the country?

Gadgeteer of course, I’ve been a busy little boy building an automated bus with Gadgeteer, good time for a test while I’m in Redmond.

I should post a picture of the brand new 2016 Thomas Saf-T-Liner C2 someday.

Good idea, what could possibly go wrong?

Don’t laugh, my bus is likely far more hi-tech then most cars or aircraft as my bus is fully teched out. GPS, real time connected full performance logging (eg no speeding), real time connected full mechanical data logging (eg how is that alternator performing, I can even tell you how many times I’ve cycled the wheelchair lift and where and when), we even RFID log kids on and off the bus so we know where each student got on and off the bus and at what time and parents can track the bus and their kids online. Its just another example of IoT being very real and very here. All of this stuff adds up to big cost savings and improved operations and ultimately happier clients.

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I was in that Microsoft Store yesterday (I had to see the new Surface Book), that’s quite the store! I thought we had a good sized store in Calgary, but the Bellevue one is that largest Microsoft store I’ve seen to date.

@ Duke Nukem - We have a store opening in Sydney 12th November. They’re going to have a couple of areas similar to the current stores learning areas, but also different (it and the new New York store are “flagship” stores). I would love to start looking at running some of these sessions - pity the exchange rate is so bad at the moment buying kits from the US is, well lets just say it won’t get past CFO without further explanation

I’m starting to lose track of how many times I’ve taught this class. Last week I taught it for a small group at the store and we had a chap standing off to the side watching with some interest what we were doing so I invited him to join us and he happily jumped at the chance. Now he did have his two year old daughter with him which added to the challenge but I will say the staff at the Microsoft store were great as they gave his daughter some toys to help keep her occupied (Minecraft plushies etc) but her time was limited so I gave him some extra help etc to help him boot along before his daughter decided it was time to go home, and he was hugely impressed, gave me his business card where he is a manager for an oil field services company and asked if I could do the class for his company as he was hugely blown away at how easy Gadgeteer was to use (and they have a SCADA and Field Data Services division in their company). So another class coming up for them. One of the other attendees was from another High School Robotics club and now they want a class, so it seems that for every class I teach I end up teaching two more classes as it tends to snowball.

Had a very interesting email last week from someone in the local education system about a class I did for them in the spring, apparently they are thinking about a series of classes, so I think I’m going to stop the open to the public classes for a bit and focus on classes for groups that request them as I do have a limited amount of time I can use to teach and a pile of other projects that I need to finish up on and do some videos and source code publishing on GitHub (so not looking forward to that). So I have another class Tuesday and then the two classes so far in Bellevue (and I think I’ll just keep it to two) and then as soon as I get back, the End to End IoT class with Gadgeteer and Azure which filled up pretty much instantly when I announced it. So if you want to spend some time teaching classes, people are certainly interested in learning about Gadgeteer.

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Ant Man has to be able to shop somewhere. :wink: