Hands on Gadgeteer Class Today

So today was fun as I was asked to teach one of my Hands On Gadgeteer classes to a group of senior IT architects from one of our local Oil & Gas Companies ( Ovintiv - Wikipedia ). Once again Gadgeteer impressed the heck of those attending this class as everyone expects to do a flashing LED type project and we do one, but then we jump into some meaty real stuff around reading RFID cards, and processing the information etc, and when I read the design requirements out, most people sort of glaze over with a ‘good luck with that’ attitude, but everyone got it running the and its fun to see the attitude changed to ‘I did that’ and of course they leave with a ‘I can do that’ mentality which is ultimately my objective with this course. Obviously these were bright folks to hold the positions that they do, but only one of them was an electrical engineer who had some experience breadboarding years ago and he really liked the clean module design and how easy it was to assemble projects, but for the other folks who had software backgrounds they liked Gadgeteer as the perfect tool to carry them into the world of experimenting and building devices and IoT which is where everyone is or will be going. In short just another great class of Gadgeteering.

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This keeps getting better, thanks to your efforts.