Handle LEDs status of a keyboard


I’m working on a project where i plug a keyboard in the USB host of a G120 and I use the USB device to emulate a keyboard to the computer. This is done in order to modify the keys transmit to the computer according to some specification.
All works good with the USBC_Keyboard and USBH_Keyboard class. But i would have like to do the project a bit better. As manage the status of LEDs. But the 2 classes don’t give access to LEDs status. Even if i’m pretty sure that at least in the USBC_Keyboard class they are managed, because when you press Caps Lock / Num Lock or Scroll Lock, the corresponding LED lights.
Is there a way to change the status of the LEDs with the USBC_Keyboard class and a way to get the status of these LEDs from the computer with the USBH_Keyboard class ?
If no, should i use USBC_Device and USBH_RawDevice in order to handle the connection with the keyboard and the computer to get and set LEDs status. Or is there a hope that GHI will do some methods to handle the LEDs status, in a forthcoming updates of the premium library ?

Thank you in advance to anyone who can answer me.

There is no way today beside using low level raw methods, which requires some usb experience.

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And moreover, I’m afraid this would be a proprietary implementation as each keyboard manufacturer does not respect a “standard” way to do that job…

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Thank you for your answers.

I’ll try to handle it with USBC_Device and USBH_RawDevice classes. I think successfully manage keyboards that use the HID boot protocol. Since the descriptor is fixed. And for other keyboards I will use the USBC/H_Keyboard classes.

@ Gus, when you say: “There is no way today…” Does that mean there is a chance that later it is feasible with high-level classes?

We never stopped adding features but this one is very low priority now to be honest.