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Halloween Contest using any NETMF device!


Halloween is coming soon and we all want to scare the neighbor’s kids.

Joe’s pumpkin was a big hit at Maker Faire so we want to see what other ideas you would come up with. Do not forget that FEZ now supports audio output and Ethernet. These are ideal for this contest.

The Contest
Create the coolest gadget for Halloween and win! If you do not have Halloween in your country then just make something to scare the neighbor’s kids :wink:

The Prize
First place, $250 coupon + 1000 experience points
Second place, $150 coupon + 750 experience points
Third place, $100 coupon + 500 experience points

The Rules
[li]Use [italic]any[/italic] NETMF device (GHI or non-GHI) with any components to create anything you like for Halloween.[/li]
[li]The coupon can be used to order anything on the FEZ website[/li]
[li]Upload a video to the internet and forward a link to ghielec at ghielectronics domain.[/li]
[li]Create a project page on (link removed) for better chances.[/li]
[li]Entries must be submitted by Monday November 1st.[/li]
[li]The community will begin voting on November 2nd. The results and winner will be announced November 9th.[/li]

Edit: If you have a completed project, put a link here (link removed)

Edit #2: Voting has started: (link removed)


– Ignore this – read the deadline wrong.


I will try to be a part of it, even though school is trying to kill me with homework I will do my best! 8) ;D

Good luck all!


hmm well we dont get halloween here, so my ideas are probably going to suck. Guess i’ll try though :slight_smile:


I echo Mark’s comments !! Aussies don’t do halloween.


I’m sure we can come up with something interesting to us Brett, just wont be as creative as people who have seen this sort of stuff every year of their lives :wink:


You Sand-gropers and cockroaches can speak for yourselves. :wink:


Guys with no Halloween, you can make a device to scare your friends/wife/kids and that will be as good. Not to forget how much fun you will have :wink:


Oddly enough, it seems wiser to build noisy pumpkins and blinking leds rather than translate a 170 pages book… ???
Even the third and last prize is offering a higher reward. :o

I don’t say I regret all the work and time given for this translation, but when I see such rewards, I feel really disappointed. :hand:
There’s something broken now, in fact.

I thought long and hard before posting this, but I couldn’t keep it for myself and stay silent about this.


I agree. Translating the book is a lot of work. An additional 1000 points are posted to your account :slight_smile:


Very nice handled Gus. Another positive thing for you guys!
I have come up with 2 ideas, I will refer to the internet aswell. Homework can wait a bit :smiley:


Same here, but count me in anyway :smiley:


Marko, let’s create our own halloween party with FEZ devices then :smiley:
We could create the domino of life, the death cobra and the rhino from hell. :smiley:

I just LOVE the idea. This is something awesome which none of us does (as far as I know) and I am REALLY looking forward to what people have come up with!


What a great idea. Count me in. Hope I can find some kids as test objects. Halloween isn’t very popular here (Germany), too.
Last year we bought tons of sweets, but no kids came to us. We must eat everything by ourself. :smiley:


As if you would mind :smiley:



I want too 1000 points.

I loose 3 weeks to translate the book, 4 hours day…:slight_smile:

Christopher too!

We are sure that French and Brazilians are happy getting translations in their native language…and we are opening businnes for you…

Me and Chistopher accept some gif. The EMX for CHISTOPHER and USBZI CHIP 144 DISCOUNT in the future to me.




It is fair to give you the points. I will post them tomorrow


You state:

So one doesnt have to use a FEZ, and can use any NETMF based system like Netduino ?


Is this a joke? :smiley:



It´s true.