Halloween 2014 projects

Anybody doing anything cool this year?

Share some pictures.

I have some ideas, but nothing built yet.

If I am successful, I’ll definitely share pics and/or video.

Or if I fail so spectacularly that it’s worth sharing…

First year for me to do something exciting with my Kid, Four and half, the age to start to appreciate a glowing LED :slight_smile:


my 6 year old wants to be a Minecraft Creeper, so I was thinking of using green LEDs to light up the mask we bought.

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Have you checked if this is allowed by it’s new owner, or if you need to bye a license for that? 8)

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - I’ll make it an open source mask and supply the code… ;D

@ Gary - Not sure if MS accepts this. $2.5 Billion needs to be earned somehow :whistle:

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@ Reinhard Ostermeier - If my creeper masks makes anything for them, then I am fine with that…lol

update - I tried to explain to my 6 year old what I wanted to do and this is how it went:

6 year old with confused look : "Daddy have you ever watched Minecraft?"
me : "yes, i’ve seen you and your brother play"
6 year old with confused look : "Their heads don’t have lights, you should just let momma do Halloween, you’re not good at it"
me : “ok”


Ouch. Nothing like the words of a 6yo to cut you to the quick.

@ devhammer - lol…I couldn’t be upset, he didn’t say it to be “mean”. He just wanted me to know that momma was better at it.

On the other hand my 12 year thinks I and GHI are cool because he wants to be an engineer. He keeps asking me to let him skip school so he can come see how “computers” are built.

Oh, I agree…but I’d imagine it still stung. :slight_smile:

I’ve got an 11yo and a 7yo, and the latter is still at the “kids say the darndest things age,” too.

The 11yo hasn’t quite got the electronics bug (though both of them love snap circuits), but both he and his brother are minecraft maniacs, and he also love Kodu and Project Spark (need to get him a bit more powerful machine for Spark, it’s a perf hog on Win81).

Of course, what adult doesn’t want to be cooler than the other parent…lol

@ devhammer - their games are Minecraft (any device) and WWE any version on any device

We can’t find the costume of the right size for my son. So I bought a sewing machine :O.

Lets see if I can learn how to use it and make something close enough to what he wants to be in time for Halloween. Not sure if I can fit anything electronic for that character.

@ Architect - See I am not that cool, I wouldn’t buy a sewing machine and learn, I would just make him be something else…lol

FYI, SparkFun has a sale going on all e-Textiles, including conductive thread. Just sayin’ :slight_smile:


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@ devhammer - Thanks for pointing that out.