That didn’t take long!

Man, apple is going to hate capitalism, with all that competition. seriously though, they could lower the price a fuck ton

I am not surprised to see such a reaction from @ Bill, he is Bill Gates after all :smiley:

Without capitalism, there would be no Apple as such, so no, Apple is not going to hate it.

Yeah, they could. They could even give away a free iPhone to every person on the planet with all the cash they have now, but why should they?

Why would they drop the prices, that’s their deal. Apple products aren’t meant for the average Joe only those that can afford it, as their products aren’t really better (this watch is out and out a freaking bad joke technically), its more about making a statement, like hey look what I can afford. I bet they sold out of the expensive version almost instantly as nothing says ‘I’m so rich I can afford to be off the edge stupid’ like wearing one of those.

If your a regular Joe looking for a good value, Apple isn’t interested in you at all.


@ Duke Nukem - Apple products are more expensive but have a different value curve. If you buy an IPhone every two years, and sell the old one, the net price for the new one is often close to zero.

Four years ago I bought a 27" IMac with the fastest processor. It cost about 3-4 times what a PC at that time would cost. When I was buying Dell type PCs, I would replace them every two years with little residual value. The 2011 IMac now sells for about 40% of the original cost, but I have no intention of selling in the near future. It is still meets or exceeds all of my current requirements, and is running as well as the day I turned on the power.

I have found that in the end Apple products are not that much more than lesser priced equivalent products. But, maybe I am not an average Joe. ???

Being a watch collector, I have to agree on your statement about the expensive version(s). There is not much of a value situation there.

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If you buy an IPhone every two years, and sell the old one, the net price for the new one is often close to zero.[/quote]

That depends on if you can find someone dumb enough to buy your old IPhone, which begs the question if ‘the net price for the new one is often close to zero’ exactly how dumb is the person who bought your old one IPhone and why don’t they get smart and do the same thing you are doing (it would however reduce the supply of dumb old IPhone buyers)

10 to 17,000 and you get … “as little gold as possible”

I guess there’s one born every minute…

[quote=“Duke Nukem”]

Your response disappoints me.

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I would be happy theres little gold, cause gold IS heavy. Ever wonder why theres no solid gold watches?

In the world of horology, the premium paid for a gold watch has little to do with the intrinsic value of the gold.

I agree.

This “watch” has no place in horology … When 2 gens of iOS pass by and the watch no longer connects to then current phones, will this be as “timeless” as a quality timepiece?


@ Mike - Nice looking watch for your collection