Hackaday contest is on

Hmmmm … Maybe I should include a Zigbee or Synapse radio and create some plug-in nightlights that include an LED nightlight, a PIR sensor, and Zegbee or Synapse radio. Placed around a home, you could get feedback on movement within the home. Lack of movement might mean that a wellfare check-in is needed.

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And maybe go ahead and make it compatible with SmartThings so it can control/be controlled from other commercial devices.

Best put in a Sofware Defined radio and done.

@ Mr. John Smith - Interesting - know of any good examples? I’ve heard of such things but have zero real exposure to the tech.


You guys are tiny.

Back when I was super fit, I still weighed 250-260: I was 250+ the first time I biked Big Sur in the 90’s


I also biked to the top of Mt Hamilton (Lick Observatory) Weighing 300+ (probably the biggest guy to ever bike to the top)

Getting under 350 this year would be nice. Still ride the same bike 25 years later though!

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