@Gus Need RMA

Hello Gus,

I need an RMA for a deceased Spider. I’m sorry about starting a thread about it, but I’ve been trying every available other way but it’s been a dead end:

I wrote an e-mail to ghielec@ your_company_name_extention.com on the 6th of December but didn’t get a reply within the working week. On the 10th I wrote to christine.bXXXXX@ your_company_name_extention.com but no reply yet. I tried to call but couldn’t get through. On the 21st I filled in the form at http://www.ghielectronics.com/contact?to=ReturnAuthorization and got the “Your message was sent to GHI Electronics, LLC”-notification. But I’ve yet to hear from you.

I can’t find a way to send a private message to your forum user, so I’m writing this in the open. It would be tremendous if you’d get back to me by email at morten the-a-with-the-circle-thingy mortennorgaard.dk, beyond which I would be happy if you’d delete this post.

Happy New Year!



Same boat here.

We will investigate this quickly. This is unusual and unacceptable.

Feel free to call GHI directly as well.

Hi Morten,
I saw you post on technical stuff, hopefully useful to some: Live c# video streaming webcam server and client
and tried to run it but alas… Could you please assist me there.
Thank you
AnatolyMay@ gmail.com

Welcome to the community,
Please start a new thread with your question, and make sure you include the board name in question along the firmware version, and as much detail as possible so we can assist you better.


Hello Anatoly,

I sent you an e-mail.

You should probably now edit your post to not having your email shown online :slight_smile:

He there.

I´ve the same Problem.

I get in contact with the contact form ( 4 times ), but never get an answer how to change the not working fez spider. => the board was not working as i received it !!

I´m really disappointed.


There’s no reason to be disappointed (well not too long anyhow), this usually means that there’s been a problem with getting email between you and them. If you send to ghielec@ their .com address, you should get to the people that can help… and if you want assistance troubleshooting (if it’s not a fundamental issue like “no lights come on when I connect it”) then you can start another thread.

As well, Gus or someone from the GHI team will be along to comment further too… they’re always looking out for their customers (I am only a customer of GHI, nothing more)

We are always here ready to help and wet always resound to all contacts. I suggest trying a different email address.

Hi gus.

I have now tried the Mailadress posted from Brett.
I could ´t find any Mailadress from you on your web side, so i used your connect form multiple times, but with no result.
My Mail is working and i get the note if this post will be answered.

Hopefully i get now an information back to my mail.


@ gsoll - What is the email you used to contact us? I can search the company email strictly with this.

Hi James.

I send an mail to ‘ghielec@ ghielectronics.com’. Until now i got no response and no error mail back.


What is YOUR email address?