Gus may giveth, but Duke Nukem can taketh away - forum bug

You might want to fix this, if you vote for a posting and then click to remove your vote, the site doesn’t check how many votes you remove so you could in fact remove all the votes if you just keep clicking. It did stop once all the votes were cleared as I was going for negative votes test.

I found this when I went to vote for a thread that I thought I might have already voted for as you used to get a notice that you were removing your vote (such that I would then add it back), but it gave no such notice and let me keep clicking until everyone’s votes were gone. Needless to say the logging on the community summery page just has me toggling adding/removing my vote, but it was clearing everyone else’s votes as well. You can see they voted, but the count is wrong.


Sorry @ mtnrbq I hope they can restore the count as it is a very worthy posting.

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Interesting. The names of the upvoters still show in the mouse over but the count only shows 1.

Yip definately a problem, I reported a similar issue

Not any more-eth :stuck_out_tongue: