Can anyone guess what this is from?

@ Mike - pick and place machine?

I see a three phase transformer, 4 servo drives, some sort of motion controller, maybe a VFD? Perhaps a CNC router table or similar machine.

It’s a tricked out sewing machine. :slight_smile:

Do employees get to guess? If so, I think it’s a “super duper slushy machine”

@ Gary, Nope as you know what it is :slight_smile:

@ RobvanSchelven, Is on the right track, just the wrong spot of the line.

Gadgeteer prototype

Oven controller?

Burn in oven / climate chamber controller :slight_smile:

Reflow Oven Controller.

On/Off switch with debounce circuitry. :think:


^^^ Winning!
(even if it’s wrong)

solder paste printer ?

Yep, a brand new reflow oven. :slight_smile:

Here is a peek under the hood.


Brand new uh? so GHI is expanding, to meet the needs of the expanding GHI?

What did you do to the old new one? It was working perfectly when I left… :smiley:

Still working perfectly but we love our production team that much.

So, does it get a solderjet and pick & place to go with it or does it replace the other one? An oven that big can’t be much good by itself.

@ ianlee74 - don’t give Mike more ideas please.

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