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Guess what it is and get one for free


We are back to the same guessing game again :wink:

GHI has made a new board but didn’t tell anyone about it (no it’s not FEZ Rhino).

You only get TWO guesses. Each guess must include:
[ulist][li]The FEZ name.[/li]
[li]How do you know it is the right name? You must have seen it somewhere so you are so sure. On an image or in some document.[/li]
[li]Why this board is so special.[/li]
[li]How much will it sell for?[/li]

The closest person will get one for [italic]FREE![/italic]

Guessing the name only will not make you win! You must answer all questions.


Ok , I will make my guesses :wink:

I would propose FEZ Falcon

I choose the name , because a Falcon is a raptor. So the competitors of GHI should be aware ;D

It’s lightweight(freakin easy) and the support guys are super-fast (like falcons , some of them are fast like a Formular 1 car


Mail sent Gus. Gonna let this one roll so someone else can enjoy the find.


Name: FEZ Panda
Where? I saw a pic of a board with a model number starting with "P"
Why? No idea.
Price? $120



I sent an email, I did not want to post here and lead people on the wrong thoughts

:slight_smile: :smiley:


FEZ Panda:
Where: Simply because it was mentioned in the beta forum.
Why: The panda is an endangered species.
Numbers: No idea as of yet.

FEZ Saber:
Where: No where, it was my suggestion in the name the next GHI board, and I just like it.
Why: Do what you want because a pirate is free.
Numbers: Hopefully a lot.

EDIT: Added reasons.


make sure you put in why you choose the name and what is special about the board.


Ok this wasn’t clear so we will start from zero. I have modified the questions. You need to answer all questions to win. Note that the all this info is already scattered on the website so if you have been on forum, been on website, been in meetings then you will have very close idea :slight_smile:

So lets start over and give me your answer to all questions. If you are so sure and you have my email then email me directly. You will still win but give other chance to win too :wink:

Some of you got it correct


[quote]•The FEZ name.
•How do you know it is the right name? You must have seen it somewhere so you are so sure. On an image or in some document.
•Why this board is so special.
•How much will it sell for?[/quote]

Name: Panda
How do I know this is the name: 2nd post
Why is it special: designed to be low cost and an arudino killer
How much does it cost: about $25, whole point of post


Jeff beat me with the Panda…

�The FEZ name.
Fez Panda

�How do you know it is the right name? in one of Gus’ deliberate slip-ups :slight_smile:

�Why this board is so special.
Because it’ll be cheaper than all the existing line-up, since it’s aimed at being an entry point into the .Net framework and bringing it to the masses, not just the more “interested” punters like us all.

�How much will it sell for?
well if the $25 thread is anything to go by, it’s not going to be $25 :slight_smile: I say it’ll be $30.95 because it’s more likely to not make the pure $30 barrier, but we all want to see it as low as possible while not pushing GHI backwards !

(edited for completeness of sentence - gee i have a lot on the go!)



The FEZ name.
FEZ Panda

How do you know it is the right name?
This forum:

Why this board is so special.
It’s a low cost, super cute board. It will be a lot less then the Domino, but will still be very powerfull and superb for beginners.

How much will it sell for?
I guess around $29.95. This because you would like to have a beginners model which should “replace” the arduino.

Good luck all. ;D


Fez Panda

What’s special?
It looks like a piece of pottery: It’s amazing what a bit of googling will reward you with… (I thought I’d write something different :D)

Price point
I’m going to throw a wild one into the works and say a $49.95 including a starter kit with a couple of sensors.


You only get TWO guesses. Each guess must include:

•The FEZ name.
•How do you know it is the right name? You must have seen it somewhere so you are so sure. On an image or in some document.
Referenced in this thread which references
•Why this board is so special.
Ultra cheap entry level board
•How much will it sell for?


I only received 2 perfect guesses through private emails (see first responses from Rajesh and Bstag)

Yes it is a FEZ Panda and yes I intentionally let the name slip out on the thread you guys are pointing out. But this doesn’t make you 100% sure of the name and price. The 2 guys guessed it in private email will get their free FEZ Pandas.

I will still give away one more if you guess it the same way they did. Please do not point again to the forum. It is not on this forum. There is a thing you can do/see to be 10000% sure of the product name, description and price. 2 guys did guess already so it is not impossible.

Have fun :wink:


Here is my guess:
•The FEZ name.


•How do you know it is the right name? You must have seen it somewhere so you are so sure.On an image or in some document.

It is the next name on the list from the naming FEZ contest

•Why this board is so special.

Freakin’ Easy to use.

•How much will it sell for?




Here’s my second guess.

Spoiler alert

Fez Panda.

Named that way because of Gus’ comment. Also because it’s publically listed.

Its special because it’s the Economical Fez, and comes with or without headers and power connector soldered.

$24.95 or $34.95 depending on what you want. USB cable not included in the cheap price, but is in the more expensive version, along with female headers soldered on.


Yes correct. The trick was looking at the product links and manually modifying the link (product number) and you will see the hidden product :slight_smile:

Look at this link

now start changing the 12 to 13…14…15…and eventually you will see FEZ Panda :wink:


Congrats Brett! I didn’t think to do that, like in one of those URL game sites.


Will this be the domino board without the micro sd and usb client sockets soldered on, or will be be a seperate board?


Details come next week