Guess what I found today

I was cleaning out some drawers and I found one of my old Suunto Spot watches. I’m pretty sure I have a charger for this in another drawer so maybe I’ll have to charge it up. When you look at .NetMF you see ‘SPOT’ in the namespaces which stands for ‘Smart Personal Objects Technology’ and SPOT was first publically announced by Bill Gates at the COMDEX computer exposition event in 2002 and was a research project led by Bill Mitchell (now CEO at PicoBrew Inc so small is still his passion) and the Microsoft Research Division. To me SPOT was typical of Microsoft, very cool and advanced use of technology and innovation, but marketing that just wasn’t anywhere close to what it would take to make it a successful product, but however technical lessons noted and learned and the technology guys moved on to something else that was a cool technology challenge and the technology morphed into something else and waited for its day in the sun.

So every time you fire up .NetMF you are firing up almost 15 years of small device history at Microsoft and starting to share a secret that a number of internal research groups already know at Microsoft, that .NetMF rocks!!!


@ Duke Nukem - You should send that to CW at secret labs so he can start the next revision of Agent :smiley:

Nice bit of history :slight_smile:


@ Justin - I had one of the originals but I think I tossed it years ago so I was really surprised and happy to find this one. This one is a Suunto n3i which came out in around 2005.

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@ Duke Nukem - positively modern!!

@ Duke Nukem - My oldest son is still using one of my old SPOT watches.

The radio no longer works, of course, but he wears it daily, and uses it for timers and alarms, in addition to just telling the time.

History is alive in our household…