GT-511C3 VMF Fingerprint Scanner Module

We have released a new module for our platform but we have kept GHI & Gadgeteer in mind when we built it. Thus its also Gadgeteer compatible. We are working with a member here to write the driver for it. Or you can code you own should you wish to have a jump start on it.

This is the new model that can store up to 200 or “ID’s” aka finger prints.
These GT-511C3 modules are new from the factory with a change that allows then to operate specifically for 3.3v systems.

We are working on the release video of it. In the meantime we have an unlisted video here showing a bit of it.


Nice module! Gadgeteer label looks weird a little bit.

Cool, more goodies :slight_smile:

I like it :smiley:

Nice! It’s nice to have yet another Gadgeteer vendor. It seems this market is growing by the week now. Very exciting times for Gadgeteer!

One thing i have personally used it for was my electric golf cart.
When i want to use it i press my thumb on it which gives me full power. If i loan it to the neighbor or let the kids use it i press my index finger which limits the power to 60%.
The ID is stored on the devices flash so once a finger is pressed you simply get back and ID number for that user. From there you can do what you like with it. In my case relay #1 closes for my thumb and relay #2 for the index finger.

@ VersaModule - cool use of the module :slight_smile:

@ VersaModule - i can think about a dozen fun applications in just 10 minutes :smiley:

[EDIT] connected to the expresso machine, always the personal mix :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, always happy to see another new Gadgeteer Module vendor.

I noticed that the scanner itself is screwed onto the module, does this mean I could remove it from the module and mount it on something other, but yet wired to the module or is it otherwise fixed onto the module?

Very cool, i love the fact that the scanner is blue too :slight_smile:

@ Duke Nukem,

You can remove it off the PCB. But you will then either need to get another cable for it or cut the ones off the board and extend it. If you plan on using it without our board you can buy the module alone with the cable here

David@ Emrol, that is a great idea. May we have your permission to use that statement as a possible use for our idea list for the site ?

@ VersaModule - Yes,off course, this is just one from the dozen I had in the first 10 minutes :wink: I just added this because I love my personal espresso settings.
BTW I loved the idea on the golf cart :smiley:

@ VersaModule - We had a thread a few months back about a similar fingerprint reader (maybe the same one…). One of the concerns I had was that it stores the fingerprint images within the reader and that if the reader were stolen or hacked then access could easily be granted. How secure would you consider this module?

@ ianlee74,

Security answers are one of the hardest to answer as I consider nothing secure.
However i can try to give you my feelings on this and these types of devices.

Lets assume this was installed into a doorway to gain access to the door.
One could just rip the cover off and take the module out and hack it. To beef up security on this it would be better to install a metal box from the inside of the room, and only have a square hole large enough for the ID reader itself (not the whole module) to stick through. This would at least keep those from ripping the panel off and taking the module. They would have to cut through the steel box to get to it. If they are going through that much effort they might as well just break down the door as it would be faster.

If one is looking for far better security a better option is to have the sensor only in the wall and the brains located on another floor or room. Many of us are so programmed to think that we need to first attack the sensor on the wall by the door to gain access due to all the movies we have watched in our lives. When in reality the best spot is just next to the door jam where the electromagnet is. Making a hole there to gain access to the two wires to that and giving it a shot of voltage will open the door bypassing the most advanced security protection. But i see now i have gotten off the point.

I am really not trying to give you a salesman answer here, It would all depend on where and what you plan to secure with it. Would i put it on a vending machine in my company yes. Would i put it on a vending machine that is located outside at my local store, no.

@ VersaModule - Nice reply. Thanks.

Security is why i was asking if i could detach the sensor from the module, and it will work for the applications i was thinking of, thanks.

This looks like a very cool module. If it works well, it will make an excellent Driver ID identification system in trucks. The company I work for builds Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking devices and I can easily see how this could be utilised in our systems. I am looking forward to see if a Gadgeteer driver for this emerges and would definitely want to build a prototype to see if it can replace our existing Driver ID system.

Let us know, when the drivers will be available.

@ Makla,

Will do. I have updated the web page to offer a PC program and example code from the Manuf. To aid in rolling your own driver in the meantime. For the PC program one will need a serial to USB converter to test it.