Great Work, people


Put aside the 24/7 availability of all the expert know-hows (you know who you are), the enormous proficiency and the ability to say “I don’t know”;
Put aside the fact that when someone here says “I’ll check that and get back to you”, it almost always happens, in less than a day;
Put aside the the authentic enthusiasm and will to grow the developers population;
Put aside the great people-skills, respecting every dumb question with an answer, even if it’s asked for the 8th time;
Put aside the ongoing renovations of this site…

… and you’re left with a genuine friend who want to help you. That feels great.
I wish I could look you guys in the eye and shake your hand.

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WOW Gabriel3! You made may day :slight_smile: Thank you very much and I hope we do really meet in future and get to shake hands.

Now stop fooling around and release final ver. 4.2 of GHI’s toys.

[quote]Now stop fooling around and release final ver. 4.2 of GHI’s toys.


NETMF 4.2 is being cooked slowly to get the best flavor. :wink:

Chef! We’re starving over here :slight_smile:

Joe, seriously now:
I’ve been emailing with microsoft’s netmf people, and got these two answers to my questions:

[quote]1. If 4.2 is an official, stable release, why does link to ver 4.1 (Download SDK)?
We are working on merging the NETMF presence on with the rest of the .NET presence. In the mean time, up to date information can be found at our main site

  1. I found ver. 4.2 here: What do RTM and QFE1 stand for?

RTM stands for Release to Manufacturing which is considered the final step of a release. QFE1 stands for Quick Fix Engineering – a drop to address one or more small issues but not to add features.[/quote]

Concerning your reply [quote]NETMF 4.2 is being cooked slowly to get the best flavor[/quote] I belive what you meant is the work that is going on to support NETMF 4.2 is in the Gadgeteer libraries and in the GHI firmware for their hardware (The Gadgeteer libraries are being done in Microsoft Research in Cambridge.) I think you’re just saying that you want to do it well. Have I understood correctly?

When you are using with a specific hardware, like with GHI’s, then you do not need to worry about what NETMF is needed and where to get it. The vendor, GHI in this case, take care of all that for you.

So, once 4.2 is release (it is in beta now) and I am talking about GHI release not Microsoft release, we will update the support page with the direct links you need and all instructions.

For now, there is no 4.2 release fro GHI devices, just yet but very soon. We are on track of set dates

Thanks, Gus.
Putting the installations on hold.
Because of you guys my Hydra, motors, ESCs, IMU and more are dust collectors :slight_smile:

oh no! Or you can follow the progress on the beta forum and use the beta release

What could you possibly have cooked up with that combo that can’t be done with 4.1? RegEx isn’t THAT powerful… :wink:

please don’t bring valid, rational arguments into this discussion.

That’s true, only 4.2 can do it :wink: