Graphical128x64 Display Project

I’m starting a small project that will mainly use Graphical128x64 Display.
I got this display last week and build a breakout board to mount this Graphics LCD on it.

The board is also included

  • a 12mm Battery holder for Internal RTC,
  • a small Piezo,
  • four small 6mm push buttons,
  • one big 12mm push button,
  • two 10K potentiometer.

This project is just a fun experimental project, I have thing in mind for what I’m going to do about this. And I will keep you post, as it is progress.

Here is the bare breakout board.

At this stage, all the buttons have not been connected! ???
I just ran out of 10K resistors. I need to go and get them tomorrow.

An here is the picture of the bottom breakout board!

The 10K pots, the Graphics LCD, is tested and working fine, as well as the Internal clock that is up and running after I put the coin battery into the holder.

Here is the image of the Graphics LCD at work when I test the Real Time internal clock.

And this is the side view just to show how thick it is.

And please let me know what you think or some comment will be really appreaciated.

I will post some code along with the progress of the project as well.

Looks really nice! I take it it’s use is a secret for right now? :wink:

Chris, if you guess it right, you will win a prize from Guz!
Just kidding! :smiley:

my guess is it’s going to be an electronic etch-a-sketch.

Great project !

Sam, you do some great veroboard projects. Can you tell me what your secret is for “shields” since the default layout of the Arduino pinouts is not on a 2.5mm pitch?

And not to hijak your thread (too much), I have a need to mount some of those SMT push buttons at the same level as the face of a standard LCD text display, got any thoughts on making that asthetically pleasing? I was thinking a spearate daughter-board that I mount switches on and that I somehow mount off the side of the LCD screen (it’s destined to be a wall-mounted control board, in the house, so it needs to pass the asthetics of SWMBO - please help ! ;))

Your board looks very very neat! Great work quality :slight_smile:


[quote]my guess is it’s going to be an electronic etch-a-sketch.
Can’t tell. ::slight_smile: it’s a secret. but you will see.

Only top 8-pin (pin 8 - 13 + vref, gnd) that does not have 2.5" pitch
And there is the 8-pin header that is available from
Adafruit in the form of DIY board

or individual header that’s available from sparkfun

I have never use the standard LCD text display before!
Can you give me a link, or datasheet or measurement of the thickness of the LCD? And also what kind of push button that you have in mind. So I can look into it.

ok, so a standard LCD is mounted on a PCB. The LCD itself and the bezel/frame of the one I have here sits about 11.2mm above the bottom of the PCB. The PCB itself is the same width as the bezel. Above and below the bezel in the corners of the PCB are two mounting holes. Top right has an edge connector or as I’m using it it has a set of down-facing male .1" headers, intended to mount on a custom shield.

For my push button switches, i have thru-hole 6mm tactile PBs the same as the reset and loader buttons on a Fez. At the moment they’re just on a separate daughter board, and I might just leave them there until I get the LCD properly mounted on it’s shield and then I can put in some stand-offs. Am still trying to figure out how to make it presentable as well - need a black bezel over the lot I think. (sorry again for the hijack)

very very nice! Bravo! :clap:

@ brett
I put up a new post for the solution of your LCD mounting question here:


So may be someone else also have a good soultion for your question too.

Now, its time to reveal this secret project!

What I want to do with this project is to design a
“Poorman Console System” as I named it!.

I will use the Graphics LCD as a visual interface.
It will be a primitive menu-base driven User Interface.
I will try to create some 3D Graphics Demo on this LCD Display,
(still in the researching stage, I may ask for help when some problem come up!)
I will try to create some very primitive (DIY) game(s) to add in the application.
(So, I can play them when I get bored! Also I may ask for help!)

The console will be able to play the ringtone music.
(as introduce to the forum by RobotFreak, in the thread
started by Guz, Thank you, guys)

It’s a project that I’m challenging myself, to have fun and use the project as a learning curve.
And try to prove that, It’s really FREAKIN’ EASY to do the project with FEZ and .NETMF.

I will keep posting the update.
Comment, feedback, etc. are welcome as always.

Isn’t this sort-of what the Gameo was suppose to be?

Gameo uses 2 processors

It’s pretty much have the same concept,
(just take a look at the Gameo project page the first time)
But Gameo is a lot more advance than what I’m doing.
Gameo have color video, my “POORMAN CONSOLE” only use B/W LCD.
Gameo have Joystick, I use only 5 buttons and 2 Pots.
Gameo is much more serious project than what I’m doing.

for me only just for the heck of it and some fun.
But I surely can use Gameo as a model to follow, I’m still learning. :smiley:

It is all about the challenge. How much can you do with a simple setup, is the question :wink:
So, what will the first game do?

I still think you’ve got a perfect etch-a-sketch there :slight_smile:

me too :smiley: