Graphic library

Which graphic library do you use for your projects? I need something for (T35) Spider and (CP7) Cobra II. I need basic controls: checkbox, list, edit box, keyboard, ImageButton, really miss StackPanel (Glide is not designed such way) …
I prefer free, but it is not necessary.

I don’t like Glide, because I spent to much time designing windows. Then I changed Width or Height for one control and the whole “display” break apart. I prefer StackPanel and AutoWidth/Height for StackPanel childs. Global scrolling is also not supported. Just for List and DataGrid, which has bugs and in Y direction only. I miss Text property after the checkbox. Text before InputBox. Such features would decrease controls count on Window and consecutiveness loading time for Window.
Maybe I am mistaken but I think that the Glide project is dead.

Check what Skewworks has in store. Or request for the things you have mentioned to be added or add it yourself to the Glide project.

WPF sounds like what you like, and it’s available in NETMF.
The disadvantage is a missing Editor. You Need to build the UI in code.
This is why I started a smal Project whiich generates the code from some XAML like XML files.
But it is not very advanced and also not really extensibly with your own controls.

For stackpanel you could use a Panel control available in all the Skewworks stuff, including the open source Pyxis 2 or the commercially available Clix and Tinkr.

For know I continue changing Glide code. Everything together it took me a few days. I am tired fixing/updating glide.
For know, this works:

I checked out Clix, downloaded demo, but again. Setting X and Y for every control. No designer.

Does button support image instead text?
Clix looks great, just design (windows forms in windows 95) looks so old.

Clix’s button does support an image on the button, I’ve never tried replacing the entire button with an image; it may give mixed results. Tinkr has a lot more customization features available to it and also has a free demo to try.

I’m always happy to make updates as well, so if you want to throw the suggestion onto Skewwworks’ forums I’ll add it to the list.

Another idea. Some comparation table. You have a lot of projects. I was very confused at the beginning. It took me some time because you offer controls, some applications, …