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Graphic LCD's


Are there any graphic LCD’s that work with the Domino besides the small color ones? I don’t need color so a monochrome graphic LCD would be fine.


We are looking into offering an easy option but for now we do not have any. For now, you can use any serial display, like the ones available from 4D systems


I looked at 4D, but they are all small and too expensive. That’s why I was looking for monochrome.


We want a color one and low cost. Monochrome is not so much fun.

Search digikey for F-51852. Those displays are monochrome but come in different back-light colors and they are somewhat easy to use. Of course you still need to make some circuit to make it work with FEZ.

This is the green one on youtube


Well, these units don’t have the intelligence to accept text characters and display simple graphic objects like some of the more expensive ones with serial input. It appears you can write to each pixel, but creating a lookup table for text ,etc gets complicated.

I was hoping you guys would have a better solution by now.


Yes you are right but we already have code that draws characters on similar display. Here it is (link removed)

If all you want is display text then it wouldn’t be too slow and code should be easy to port from what we already have. The work is only needed to connect those displays, that is all.
Or, wait fro few weeks and be sure we will have something with display support :wink:


I did see that one, but the display is too small.

I will wait a bit to see what you guys come up with.

Having a decent display at low cost would be a big boost for the Domino board. It’s got such a nice processor all it needs is a nice display other than the 2x16 LCD.